Practical spirituality. I’ve been thinking about that term, as it was recently given to me by spirit to define the teachings they given to me to give to you. Practical spirituality. It truly refers to the idea that everything you need to do, all the tools you have in order to access and work and develop a life that is based in spirit you already have. You have everything. It’s all inside of you. The memory of who you are, the memory of energy in form that you are. Not the thinking memory, but the true experience of who you are is inside of you.

The breath that will take you and open up a place of space for that memory, that spirit inside of you to exist in your daily life, that breath is the tool.

Yoga is a tool. Yoga is not a destination. It’s not just a relaxing exercise. It’s a tool that will help you to reconnect to who you are, which is spirit in form.

Meditation, that’s not a destination either. It’s a tool. It can be a once a week, twice a week exercise. It’s truly one of the tools that introduce you to who you are continually bring out into the physical world your spirit. For when you slow down the mind you open up the space for the spirit to truly exist. We have to say yes.

We have to make choices in the physical world for things to happen. It’s part of our DNA. Our DNA is free will. Free will means choice. Choice means having to say yes for anything to exist for us on every level.

These are some of the tools that you have already without having to read a book, without having to go to a workshop. People love crystals and they love incense. I love incense. I love crystals. I love them not as vehicles to give me anything. They don’t give me anything. I burn incense because it speaks to my senses which opens up the experience of who I am on different levels. I enjoy crystals because they’re beautiful and because their energy helps to transform, helps to cleanse my eyes. Different crystals do different things. It’s me Impranaing the crystals. We don’t need accoutrements in order to experience who we truly are.

Everything we need we have.

What we do need is to understand that, and to learn that we are more than just a body that moves through the world.

We need to have the awareness that there is inside this body a being that is very willing to be more present. Then we need to choose and work and learn how to give space to that being, how to love that, which is very willing to be more present. Then we need to choose and work and learn how to give space to that being. How will you willingly and lovingly bring it forward?

We don’t need to give ourselves away to workshops and books to try and find out who we are. Not to say that books aren’t helpful, they are. There is a certain level of understanding when we enter the world of questioning and seeking where reading is important. Going to workshops, building community and being with other people is important. What I’m trying to share and what I’m very excited about sharing with you is that everything you need is inside of you.

After the workshop, after the book is put down, you have the choice and the opportunity to say, “What do I do? Which one of the tools will I work with in order to bring who I am into my life 24/7?” You are the tool. Use it wisely.

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