“Hope is an awakened dream, wake up now.”

Hope is an expression of living in an open state. It’s a place of light and freedom that is experienced when we awaken to our natural inheritance of love and live that inheritance daily.

The physical world often seems to be the antithesis of love. It can be difficult and taxing. We often respond by shutting down, closing up and forgetting who we truly are. Through these actions we move away from the light and often lose our way.


What if irritations and challenging moments were meant for us to use as an alarm clock to remind us to respond from love?

What if pain and sadness existed solely as a reminder for us to choose kindness, patience, compassion, wisdom or gratitude as our response?

What if you chose to witness the chaos around you without adding to it?

What if you responded to all that transpired in your life with tolerance, and patience?

Then you would indeed awaken from the dream that is now your life and you would live with hope as your daily state and Grace as your constant companion.

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