Living on planet earth we always exist between two opposites. Literally, as our planet is held in its orbit by opposing energetic forces and polarity’s influence doesn’t stop there.

Life-death. Beginnings-endings. Hot-cold. Up-down. Here-there. Young-old. Peaceful-anxious.

These very basic opposing states make up your daily life and dichotomy seems to exist within each of us as well.


We are indeed Multi Christo beings capable of wonder and despair.

As we move in our daily lives, we always have choice and our choice is always birthed between two opposites. As choice is emerging it often appears as difficulty in disguise. What is simply opportunity unfolding, is so easily missed when you are distracted by the events themselves.

Turn your use of polarity around!

When difficulty arises, instead of bemoaning your fate and getting lost in the distraction of the situation, celebrate the Law of Polarity and ask:

“What choice is being born right now?

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