For many people, one of the most tangible results of living a spiritual life is the ability to manifest your wishes and desires into the physical world.

Go online and you’ll find a plethora of suggestions and practices to put into place in order to bring your most treasured desires into form. You will find step by step instructions as to how to create your personal dream board.

You can chart the new and full moon each month and say prayers and invocations.

Or if you prefer, you can make a list your hopes put them in a bottle and send them out to sea.

Just this week a student asked me what she was doing wrong as she didn’t seem to be able manifest a romantic partner. She listed all of the actions she had taken, and spoke of her frustration as no-one had appeared yet and said she was ready to give up hope.

She told me that she was confused. She said “I was reading one new age book and I was told to – let go and let God, then the next week I took a workshop and the teacher was adamant about the importance of having clear intentions, writing them down and putting my actions behind them until I achieved my goals. I’m perplexed. How do I truly manifest what I want, do I micromanage or do I let go and let God?”

Excellent question.

The answer in my experience, is a little of each and a lot of trust.
Trust is the component that most students have the hardest time with, so let\’s first examine how the physical universe works, and the importance of clear intentions and consistent effort without the frequency of striving.

You are energy in form and when you’re looking to create a situation in your life that doesn’t currently exist you are asking an awful lot from our earthly life which contains both form and energy.

When was the last time you wanted to hang a piece of art and walked up to the wall with a hammer and a nail in your hand and simply told the nail to put itself into the wall?

You’ve probably never done this, as you know from past experience that you have to hammer the nail into the wall over in order for the wall to except the nail.

When you walk up to the wall you have a very clear intention.

You simply want the nail to be embedded in the wall. But you know that your wanting the nail to be in the wall and thinking about it, isn’t going to do the job. So you put the nail up to the wall and you grab a hammer, the right tool, and hit it over and over slowly and deliberately, until a tiny hole is created and the nail is comfortably set.

If you are like me, you may get frustrated if the nail goes in at an angle or you hit your finger with the hammer (welcome to my life).

What happens when your irritation moves into frustration? You get flustered and exasperated and suddenly you have many holes in the wall and the art still isn’t up.

Do you see where I’m going? Even a small effort to create space in a wall can go smoothly or not.

This is one small experience but it’s a great example of the density of physical life and how your need for speed or resistance to what is, can actually push away what you desire when you seek to manifest something larger like a new job, a new partner, better health or more money.

Manifest Your Desires

If you are wanting to shift your world:

First, hold a clear intention of what you seek.
Then, visualize it and feel in your heart and body.
Ask the Universe to fulfill your wish in a way that is for your higher good and the higher good for all.

Finally, let the request go out.
There’s truly no need to repeat that process.

This is the tool that you will need to employ in the physical world.

The next step you can put into place are actions that you can take to do your part in achieving your wish.

If you are looking for better health – examine your diet, and exercise, speak to doctors and healers. See what changes you are called to take and do it!

Remember to also use energetic practices that can serve you.

This is how you do your part in the equation of manifestation.

Please remember, when you seek to manifest you are co-creating with the Universe. You’re not an isolated being, you are indeed part of the Oneness and as such, your wishes and desires need to meld into the higher good for all.

So lose the timelines for manifestation. Let go of the constant need to seek guidance, perform rituals and ask why your wishes haven’t happened yet. Use your desire for change as an opportunity to practice patience and trust.

If your wish is for your higher good it will be manifested, but perhaps a little later then you would have liked and it might look a bit different then you imagined.

Your personal vibration, is a helpful instrument as well. A being who is of high frequency is a person who walks their talk. They live their spiritual values, which is one of the most difficult tasks we have and possibly the most rewarding.

It has been said that those that use their daily life as their spiritual practice shift their vibration and resonate at a frequency that is closer to the universal tone. As a teacher of Practical Spirituality I can be of help to you as you learn how to use your desire for manifestation as an opportunity to build your frequency.

Contact me and let’s have an initial (free) talk to see if my teachings can be of help to you.

For now my friend, set your intention, take the physical steps you need and open energetically to what arises.

While you wait, welcome the practice of patience and be grateful for the awareness and consciousness you gain as you ask the Universe to fill your plate as you practice a new way to manifest your desires!

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