In daily life, we often create stories around false beliefs we hold that do not always serve. You know, the story about you not being good enough, not thin enough, not kind enough, not productive enough.

We all have stories, and they often revolve around lack. Whether a romance has recently ended or you’ve just received a devastating health diagnosis, maybe you’ve always wanted to be thinner, richer more at peace. Regardless of your situation, you have most likely created a story around your lack.

It’s time now for you, to lay down your stories and move into your life.

Leave your stories behind

When we lay down our stories we don’t forget the people have lost, nor do we forget what we need to do to take care of ourselves.

We simply believe that we are more than our stories, more than our circumstances. And so we wish to lay them down and move forward.

The process from wanting to let the story go to actually being able to do so, is not always easy. Sometimes we need a bit of help to move past our stories.

That’s where I come in.

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