“Knowledge Actualized becomes experience and Experience repeated becomes Wisdom.”

I know that. I understand that. I experienced that. I am that.

The brain can only recognize that which it knows.

In order for us as Lifestreams to “become” the knowledge that we gain, we must utilize more than our brain. Our emotional system, and our Intuitive body must be included in the effort.

We need to move forward from (egoic mind) “I KNOW THAT” to “I UNDERSTAND THAT” (thinking mind) and we must “experience” the new truth taking it into the emotional body, (I experience that) where we “experience” our new understanding. In order for the knowledge which has become experience to be fully activated in our Lifestream, we need to bring this new understanding into our daily life and have it show up as our actions. This is where we access the Intuitive body. Responding to situations form our new truths, kindness, compassion, patience, (I am that) Once our experiences become our actions often enough, the new information becomes seeded in our being and a shift occurs.

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