We are energy in form. Frequency in Humanity.

Our energy is a vibration of the highest intelligence.
We refer to it as Love. It is the source from which we were birthed, it is our spiritual DNA.

Our Humanity refers to our personality, our history in this Lifestream, our physicality, emotional body and thinking mind, our physical DNA.

Our daily life takes place in the physical world and while the rules of physicality prevail so too does our spiritual inheritance.

Chaos happens and we have choice as to our response to the events that the physical world presents. We can choose to respond from our humanity and express Irritation, anger, greed, jealously intolerance, hate, impatience, and judgement .


We can invoke our Divinity and respond with kindness, tolerance, patience, generosity, gratitude, grace,wisdom,and understanding.

When we respond to chaos with more of the same, we create additional turmoil.

When we respond lovingly to chaos we create a different vibrational essence that shifts the world we live in.

How are you now choosing to respond to life?

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