For those of us on a spiritual path, perhaps the most challenging lesson that we are given is the opportunity to practice over and over and over, Loving What Is.

Take a moment and reflect upon your life.

Do you usually go with the flow of what happens regardless of whether your wishes and desires are met? Or, do you resist the results when they’re not what you sought?
If your ideas and suggestions are not received well by others, do you listen with an open heart to their reasons and ideas as to why your input wasn’t accepted?

Or, do you find yourself automatically creating responses to whatever is being put forward, while you know you should actually just be listening?

When you need to wait… for online support, to be seated at a restaurant, to hear back about a job or a new home.. do you do so patiently?

Or do you get crabby, snarky and irritated?

When a life tragedy lands at your door do you bemoan your fate, or do you go to Source and ask what you are to learn from this experience?

When you are in flow, accepting what appears, you are loving what is. In that state you always have the opportunity to work in consort, in co-operation with the divine energies that are always surrounding you.

However, when you resist, when you push against what is showing up, your actions are being directed by your egoic mind and often represent you believing that you are the only master of your world.

When the ego is in charge there is usually little peace and there is absolutely no space for the Divine to enter.

Working in alignment with the Divine is a choice and your actions (acceptance or resistance) are the keys that bring the opportunity to align with Source closer to you or push them away.

There are times when what’s appearing does not serve your highest good and the highest good for all. You’ll need to know when to stay and when to shift. But which aspect of your being is calling the shots? Your egoic mind or your intuitive body?

The process of learning how to accept life’s twists and turns and knowing when to forge forward is one of the many lessons that students who come to Practical Spirituality learn as they focus on increasing their consciousness.

While I can’t teach you here and now how to love what is, I’m going to share a brief tutorial on one of the most important steps you need to take.

We are multidimensional beings with physical bodies and high frequency energy (Oneness) and low frequency energy (fear) that is within our physicality 24/7.

Our high frequency energy Is our divinity, (referred to as our intuitive body) that for most of us is still dormant or utilized sporadically.

The humanity within us (low frequency energy, personality and history of pain) is much more developed and you most likely call upon it more than on your intuitive body…and more often then not, it is your humanity that immediately resists life’s difficulties and pain.

Your intuitive body, that holds the highest wisdom as it never resists. For it knows that every experience is meant to be of help to you. Even difficulty. For tough times can instruct and inform or simply act as an alert for you to stop and review.

Your Intuitive is your Divine knowing and it knows when to wait and when to move.

Being in tune with your intuitive self is key to being able to love what is…and the breath is the surest way to override your racing mind, and slow down the mind and body enough so that you can hear what your heart is guiding you to do.

When you are not sure if you should open to what is, or move in another direction, stop.

/ Close your eyes and begin to take long slow deep breaths in and out of your nose.

/ Long slow deep breaths should continue for 5 minutes.

/ When you are complete place your attention in your heart center and ask your question.

If you are very in tune and have been working the path for quite some time an answer will land almost immediately for you. If this is a new process, you might not hear anything at all, or perhaps a message will pop in when you least expect it, maybe when you’re not even thinking about the question, hours or days later.

If you are new to the path and you are eager to learn more, if you find yourself responding emotionally to perceived hurts and slights, if you can’t stop your mind from its constant chatter, if you find procrastination your constant go to..then you most likely have a bit of work to do 🙂

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