Although we all know that in each moment there’s always an opportunity to create anew, we’ve given special significance to January 1st as the grand day of all beginnings.

And I actually love that.

I love that we all jump in together into a pool of wishing each other well, wanting each other to have happiness and adventure, good health, new partners and an increased appreciation of old ones.

For so many January 1st is a start, a new beginning, another chance to try again to re-stoke the flames of a project put aside, to reinvest in oneself and commit to new habits and traditions that we believe will serve us better than the last.

dried leaf on ground
Photo by Selina Maitreya

So my Beloveds, to all of you who have been so kind to me this year, I offer you my January 1st offering: BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE.

These five words refer to you being in the present moment, a place where you most likely rarely, if ever dwell. Being present in your life is one of the most important steps to take as it brings you closer to experiencing peace, and it’s one of the hardest to actualize.

When you become present in your life, you place your attention fully on those you are speaking to, listening to them carefully and closely, not thinking about what your response will be, or the next task that you have after the conversation is complete.

When you walk with full attention you notice everything around you. Your senses are awakened and your walk is not just what you see, but what you smell and what you hear, as all of your senses are heightened.

We’re not encouraged in the world to be present, instead we’re expected to multitask, and we’re celebrated and applauded when we accomplish much because we’ve taken on so many things at one time. People often watch picture in picture on the screen and many keep TV on continually in the background in their homes while they’re doing other things and many listen to music as they walk.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these habits, they are emblematic of our constant choice to do several things at once and our habit of multitasking is indeed the antithesis to being present.

Years ago I considered myself the queen of multitasking. It was a title I loved and I enjoyed the process of seeing how much I could cram together in one day. I was amazingly productive but I was never present.

We all know that life here on planet earth is always a trade off. Here in our physical world we can’t be sick and well at the same time we can’t go up and down stairs at the same time and we can’t be present and multitask at the same time.

If you’re feeling like you would love your relationships to be deeper and more profound, if you feel as if you speed through your life and time is passing so quickly you can’t seem to get a grip on it, if you have no time for yourself or for quiet or meditation or peace… perhaps you need to start doing less multitasking and create more present moments for yourself.

You might start by simply reminding yourself the next time your brain is so full, your breath is short and you are feeling overwhelmed…


Take a breath, take another one, in fact take several long slow deep breaths and come back into your body and remind yourself: my feet are here, in this moment, in this moment that wasn’t here a second ago, and will not be here a second from now.

This is where I am now and breathe into that.

Our breath is a sacred tool that always brings us back into the moment of now.

Learning how to be in the present moment is a choice, one that has enormous benefits.

Perhaps in this new year of 2023, amongst all of the promises you make to yourself, the greatest choice you can make is to decide to learn how to have moments of presence in between all of the busyness… if so, then the words: BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE should stay in your front pocket where they are easily accessed!

Happy New year to each and everyone of you.

Thank you so very much for your love and support, for sharing your joys and accomplishments, for coming back here to read monthly wisdom shared.

May the year ahead be one where we all learn to open our hearts to ourselves and each other more deeply and consistently and may we all choose to learn how to live in the present moment, so that we can all live more fully and consciously!

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