So many people Beloved are excited and interested in learning how to manifest all that they desireā€¦ is this you?

Do you yearn for your perfect partner?

Have you been asking the divine to fill your bank account?
Are you eager to increase your client list so that you can help so many people with the work that you were brought here to do?

Are your requests being met, or have you still not manifested the life you desire?

While there are many workshops, books and tutorials on the Internet on how to manifest your desires, what no one speaks of is the most critical aspect of manifestation.

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The one step that you need to take in order to truly be able to manifest your desires is rarely discussed and yet without this knowledge, you’ll continue to proclaim your wishes to Source, only to have them unanswered.

The element I’m talking about Beloved, is your personal vibration.

For in order to manifest anything, you need to be in a consistent state of high vibration.

One of the rules of the Universe that we hear over and over but you may have not realized is fundamental to manifestation is: Like attracts Like.

You can’t manifest something new in a dense place like our physical world, if you aren’t constantly moving through your life working from a place of love and kindness and peace.

In order to be able to draw to you new clients, excellent health, a romantic relationship, you will need to learn how to stay in high vibration 24/7.

When I talk of staying in high vibration, I’m not referring to how often or how long you pray or meditate. While prayer and meditation will certainly fill you with high vibration the many moments in your day are the places where you can either increase your vibration or lose your high vibe like an old sieve.

What do you notice about your life?

Take an inventory now and be radically honest.

Where do you lose your center?

What relationships do you find challenging?

What people in your life do you notice that you are constantly in judgment of?

How often are you in worry, in doubt?

How easy is it for you to trust, to hold the space for goodness to arrive even in the midst of chaos?

Becoming aware of where and when you tend to lose your high vibration and go to harsh judgment, criticism, fear, worry and doubt is the first step to being able to manifest.

For as you become aware of when you lose your high frequency, you’ll be more able to notice when it happens and with the right tools, shift back into a high vibe state.

Once you notice you’re in low vibration, do you have the willingness to move from an intense emotional state to peace and neutrality? And if the willingness is there, do you have the knowledge and the practices to change your state immediately into a higher vibrational mode?

The answer to these questions for most people is a solid NO!

How about YOU?

Can you go from a state of judgement to a state of ease in a heartbeat?

When you are tired Beloved and have very little patience and you are asked to do something for another can you kindly say no, or do you bark your responseā€¦ maybe you even suck it up and offer to help, angry the entire time?

Many people will tell you my dear, that no one stays in high vibration 24/7. While

it may be true that most beings are not moment to moment in peace, you can learn how to be aware of your state and shift when you are in low vibration. With awareness of your state and the right tools for shifting you CAN consistently change your state. As you learn how to stay in high-vibration you’ll be perfectly situated to begin to manifest the dreams you desire.

This is what I want for you!

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