Out of alignment, would that be you? I know there are times it’s me. For all the work I’ve done, for all the information that I know, in my humanity there are still small pockets where I notice I’m out of alignment. You know, these places of being out of alignment, these are great opportunities to practice so many faces of love.

There is the time I practice compassion for myself because I notice I haven’t been kind. I practice patience because I so want to teach and I want my day to day life to be all about teaching so I need to practice patience as my teaching practice grows.

I notice I’m out of alignment when I’m tired and I’m on a train in New York. I just want to close myself off from everybody else. I’m feeling not open-hearted. That’s when I practice kindness to myself.

I notice that I have an opportunity to use the value of tolerance when I notice someone who is harsh towards another person, or I’m around someone who says very cruel and unkind words, I realize I too must be tolerant of them. I have no idea what their life was like. I have not walked in their shoes.

These are some of the places that I notice where I’m out of alignment.

What about you?

In our humanity, we often see places where we do not walk in the value of love that we truly are, the natural inheritance that is what our lifestream is built upon.

Where are you out of alignment?

Take an observation, not a judgment.

Take an observation of you.

Note as you go along through your day where you too are out of alignment.

Give yourself love.

Respond to your misalignment with one of the many manifestations of love.

Take good care of you.

Respond to misalignments with love, Respond with love.

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