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When you\’re on a path with practical spirituality at your side, the concepts, the idea of radical honesty is hugely important.

Check it out.

How honest are you with you?

There is nobody listening here, just you. I’m asking the questions. You\’re the only person that will know and hear your answers.

Where are you? Where are you on your path?

Are you just starting out to make your life your practice?

Are you able to use your emotions as an alarm clock?

Are you able to watch your thoughts?

Are you back and forth? Sometimes you watch your thoughts. Sometimes you use your emotions. Other times you let your emotions go wild and run the show.

Maybe you\’re still getting stuck in negative thoughts. It’s all okay.

Where are you? Use radical honesty, not a tool for judgment, but as a tool for observation so that you can track your progress and see where you are in the unveiling of you.

As you\’re on your path check in. Observe.

Ask yourself the questions. Am I a visitor? Am I visiting my spiritual practices? Have I landed in a place where some of my spiritual practices are so engrained into my daily life that I’ve made shifts?

Things that irritated and bothered me before, they don’t even show up on my radar.

Radical honesty is a tool.

How honest are you? How willing and able are you to be open to where your process is, your progress is, simply as a point of observation?

Notice that.

Are you able to observe without judging? Are you wishing you’d be in another place?

Use radical honesty as a tool. It’s a guideline for you.

It’s an observation deck for you to stand upon as you take a true view of YOU!.

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