Do you just talk the talk? Or are you truly willing to walk the walk. I notice that so many people are coming to the world of spirituality. Many are interested in knowing what their future will look like. Others love to hold crystals and practice putting their energy into these beautiful, beautiful stones. Many people are interested in connecting to their angels, their saints. Others are reading books, going to workshops, becoming a better person. Practicing how to expand their intuitive mind.

This is all good. Any connection we have with the interior whether it be meditation, yoga, time spent learning about the difference between the egoic mind and our loving nature, all of it is good.

There comes a point in the journey of a spiritual student where they know that it is we who emprana the stones.

It is our willingness to open to spirit and live our life on a daily basis as the energy of love that we are, that enables us to connect to our angels and saints and holy ones and teachers and guides and spirits and to be able to hear the messages they have for us that are surrounding us each and every day.

It is the work we do in our daily life.

It is how we show up in difficult situations.

Do we cave and go to an emotional response when we’re not getting our way? When life isn’t peachy keen, are we able to hold the center in our lifestream and know that any emotional reaction is an opportunity to respond from one of the many faces of love?

Do you walk the walk or do you simply talk the talk? Do you enjoy talking about spirit with your friends, building a community knowing there are other people very interested in moving beyond the written page, moving beyond the weekend workshop? Do you have a community of people who you share ideas with and share techniques and share practices that help you to stay in the values of love? You know those values, those manifestations of love; patience, tolerance, kindness, grace, gratitude, compassion, wisdom. These are the friends that we turn to every moment of the day in order to respond moment to moment from our natural inheritance.

We don’t need crystals to do so. We don’t even need to call in our angels and saints. We are fully capable of doing this on our own.

Call in the heavy artillery when you need it.

Call in the heavy love ammunition when you’re in a situation where you truly can’t handle what’s happening.

For the most part, my friends, you are fully capable of responding to your life situation from one of the many faces of love.

How many of you will do so?

How many of you will take the time to develop the awareness to apply the awareness to your life, to know what’s happening as it transpires?

How many of you will choose to respond to your momentary irritations with love? To the bigger issues of your life with compassion? To your teenage children with kindness? To your significant other at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and spent ,will you respond with love?

How many of you who talk the talk will actually walk the walk?

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