Patience and wisdom are two physical manifestations of the energy of love that resides within us all. We need however to consciously activate these qualities in order for their value to be experienced in our life. Luckily for us, the Universe through our daily life, provides us with plenty of opportunity to practice these states!

Patience requires waiting, not giving in to our immediate needs. When we wait we have the opportunity to ask: Why is this event in my life? What face of love am I being asked to respond with? What is the higher purpose this situation can serve and what is my role here?

Patience is the Companion of Wisdom

When we are patient we also leave room for the Divine to step in and support our efforts in whatever ways benefit our higher good and the higher good for all.

If we plow ahead without reflection, demanding answers immediately, without interest in knowing the higher purpose to each event in our life, we miss the opportunity to develop higher consciousness expressed in physical life as wisdom.

Where in your life can you begin to practice more patience? Are there certain people co-workers, friends, family members, who you find it difficult to be patient with?

Share with us here and let us know what step you can take to be more patient in your life.

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