Are you on a path going nowhere?

People from many parts of the globe come to me with the same requests.

“I want to end the drama and have a peaceful life”.
“Please help me be financially abundant”
”I want to heal my body”
“I long for a romantic partner”.

While these pleas are very different, they all speak to wanting peace. The common element in all of these requests is that all of the folks asking for help are on a spiritual path.

They go to workshops, they read books, they meditate, they do yoga, but still their daily lives are not a representation of their spiritual values. They are puzzled and frustrated as they are unable to THRIVE beyond their circumstances.

They wonder, With all of my spiritual efforts why am I not moving forward?
Spiritual transformation Does Not Come From External Sources!

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Is this your experience?

If so, here’s your answer:
A spiritual weekend workshop no matter how life shaking, deep meditation regardless of how relaxing, and an ongoing yoga practice, no matter how rigorous does not a spiritually directed life create.

Here is a huge truth: A spiritually directed life is one where moment to moment you use each uncomfortable experience that happens in your life, each bit of chaos as an opportunity to practice responding from one of the many physical manifestations of love.

Each time you respond to difficulty challenge and tragedies with patience, kindness, tolerance and gratitude you are building your spiritual muscle.

Your life will offer you many experiences and opportunities to practice responding to chaos from love and each time you do, your core strengthens.

Does that sound too simple ? Too easy?

Evening Practice

It’s actually incredibly easy to discuss and very difficult for most to do.

While the process of achieving this goal requires nothing but your time attention and effort, you may not know where to begin or have the tools needed to learn a new way of response. You probably don’t know how to transform your lifelong habit of responding from anger, jealousy and pain and so you are trapped in the cycle of being a slave to your emotions and negative thoughts.

How can you start to create the shift you seek?

How does one learn how to respond to life’s events from your natural inheritance of love?

Start by using the tool of YOUR DAILY LIFE.

The five truths below will help you to understand why making your daily life your practice, and responding to all situations form one of the many faces of love is what’s needed in order to create peace, abundance, good health and romantic partnership.

Five Truths to Making Your Daily Life Your Practice

Truth #1: You Are A Lifestream with Many Bodies Inside Of You

Your thinking mind, emotional body, and intuitive body are all housed in one physical body that we call a LIFESTREAM. Your humanity is a gift and a tool for you to use to bring your intuitive body into your daily life.

Truth #2: You are not your brain. You are not your emotions.

You are more then your emotions and your thoughts.

Truth #3: Your energetic nature is Love.

We call it your “Intuitive body”

Regardless of the pain or suffering you endure in this lifetime, your inheritance of love (your higher knowing, your soul level) never leaves and is accessible with choice and effort. Bringing this inheritance of love, your Intuitive body, forward is the purpose of your life here on planet earth.

Each time you chose to respond to your small or large life events from one of the many faces of love (patience, kindness, wisdom, compassion, grace, gratitude, wisdom, tolerance) you are accessing your inheritance of love and bringing your Intuitive body into physical form.

Over time, you are able to rise above your emotional and egoic nature and raise the vibratory essence of your lifestream, and you will experience peace, and will resonate at a frequency that attracts abundance of all sorts.

Truth #4: Choice Is As Natural As Breath

You were given the gift of choice. Free will is within you and awaits for you to access its many gifts every moment of every day. You are never without choice.

Your choice to respond to your life continuously from your Intuitive body no matter how large the emotional charge is always accessible to you.

Truth #5: You Can Shift The Paradigm

Most Lifestreams function in the physical world as brain centered, emotionally charged, reactive beings. While love is your natural inheritance, your physicality may currently override your energetic nature as you most likely are now guided by your egoic identity and emotional body.

You can however, over time with awareness and effort, shift the paradigm and live at the high frequency level we call Intuitive body.

As you do this work, and you seek to develop and bring forward into physicality your intuitive body as your guiding force, you begin to move the thinking mind into support mode, and use the emotional state as an alarm clock for the Lifestream to remember to respond to life from one of the many faces of love.

This is when peace and abundance enter into your life.

Using your daily life as the practice pad for your spiritual growth is an on going process.


STEP 1 – Accept All Difficulties and Chaotic Events As Opportunities To Shift

Get out of victim mode!

Each life event, all interactions, health crisis, financial set backs, family disconnections, natural disasters and global catastrophes, are watershed opportunities for you to practice witnessing (watching, rather then being the experience) and offer you an opportunity to ultimately respond from one of the many physical manifestations of Love.

STEP 2 – Become The Witness, Not The Event

Stop being the lead role in your dramas.

Remember you are several bodies experiencing life events within your one Lifestream.

As each event, small and large appears, aim to experience each from a place of observation, without becoming the experience, the pain, the rejection.

You are not the event in your physical world, you are the witness to the event. Note the details, see the emotional response within your Lifestream and remember your Intuitive body enables you to be more then any one circumstance.

STEP 3 – Remember That You Have Choice, Choose LOVE!

At any given moment you can choose to be the witness, not the event to any life situation no matter how difficult and that one action shifts the course of your response.

As you remember that you have choice, your emotions become less activated and your thoughts can be replaced by your intuitive knowing.

Choose to respond to each event from one of the many faces of love.

In traffic, in the office, with your family, with co-workers, with neighbors, and with yourself choose to respond to all perceived injuries with patience, compassion, wisdom, tolerance, generosity and grace.

STEP 4 – Put The Seat Belt On Yourself Before Attempting To Help Others

Responsibility for your Lifestream is your number 1 practice. This is not selfish or narcissistic. Responsibility for your growth, for your awareness, for choosing to witness your emotions and thoughts rather then becoming them is your job. Don’t preach to others, instead put your energy on accepting responsibility for your actions in life.

STEP 5 – You Are What You DO, Not What You Say You Will Do

MOVE! Intentions with no action behind them are empty.

You can intend to be the witness to your life events, and aspire to respond from one of the many faces of love, but with no follow through you will remain grounded in your emotions and egoic mind.

You are energy living in a world of form. Your thoughts, wishes and intentions need fuel to manifest. Putting intentions into action brings them into physicality and turns the volume of possibility way up.

Start today to use your daily life as the practice pad to respond to life from one of the many faces of LOVE.

That is spiritual knowledge in action.

The words of Swami Sarvegatananda speak to this quite clearly.

“It is not your beliefs,
It is your behavior that counts.
It is not your faith
But your function that counts
And it is not your conviction
but your character count”

As you choose to accept the responsibility for creating a life of peace by learning how to activate and respond to your life love, please feel free to access the other many deep teachings here on my blog.

Or reach out to me directly with any questions that you might have.

I\’d love to hear from you!

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