I’m certain that you have a variety of wishes, hopes and aspirations. If we were to look at all of the different dreams you have for your life they would most likely all come down to one word. That word is peace.

Whether you wish for financial wealth, excellent health, or your dream is finding your ultimate romantic relationship, each of these wishes represent to you safety, security and love, which all translate into one word, peace.

You may think that if you had as much money as you want you’d experience peace. You may be certain that if you had romantic love you’d would finally be happy. You may hold the belief that perfect health is your ticket to a great life.

Are you tracking with me?
Now here’s the juice.

Money won’t give you peace. A relationship won’t be what makes you happy… even great health? Nope.

It’s truly not the money, the partner or your health that delivers a sense of peace. It’s not the food, the sex, the job, the kids, the parents, the neighbors, your coworkers, the people on the roads or on the trains who can give you peace.


Do You See

It truly does not matter what your circumstances are. You can THRIVE despite any challenge!

This is not just good news, this is truly great news!!

You are the only one that can control your sense of peace.

In order to begin to experience equanimity you need to accept this truth and be willing to do the work that will bring about the shift you seek.

Your discomfort, your pain, your loneliness is the result of your soul being out of alignment with your actions in your daily life.

Your essence is love, manifested as kindness, patience, understanding, tolerance and compassion. But instead of responding to yourself and your world from a position of generosity, gratitude and patience you reply with anger, frustration and entitlement. This comes from being trained to respond to events in your life from your logical thinking and from the history of pain that you have experienced in your world.

Your generosity of spirit, you’re compassionate heart, your understanding wisdom and your patience are the tools you can use to turn your life into an experience of joy and calm. But in your moments of irritation, challenge, difficulty and pain you turn to fear as your response and you add to the chaos that has already appeared.

You can learn how to mitigate and dissolve chaos, how to see disharmony without becoming it.

But for this to happen, you need to make a shift in how you respond in the daily moments of your life.

The work of Practical Spirituality is to align your personality with your soul.

As a teacher, my work is to help you to realign, by utilizing your daily life as the opportunity for your shift and teaching you how to respond from love regardless of what shows up. This new lifestyle is easier to discuss then it is to achieve, yet many people are re-awakening to the glory of who they truly are and starting to lead full, deep, rich and yes, peaceful lives!

Reach out and contact me, we will set pup a time to talk to see if 1-on-1 teaching is right for you… I’m here to be of help.

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