What I teach is Practical Spirituality. We use our life, our daily life, as the practice pad to grow our spiritual integrity. Growing our spiritual integrity means walking the talk. The talk are the spiritual values that we say we hold dear; wisdom, compassion, kindness, tolerance, understanding, presence, gratitude, grace. Practical Spirituality is a term that refers  to the fact that we have all the tools we need right here, right inside of us. We don’t need crystals to imprana us. We don’t need mantras to charge us. We’ve got the charge.

Practical spirituality involves four main steps, four main tools. All of which we have inside of us. All of which we have the ability to choose to use. The five tools are observation, awareness, choice, consistency and Discipline. Those are the tools that anyone who wants to practice practical spirituality, needs.

It’s helpful to be on a path where your values are held dear, one that encourages you to bring those values to life in your day to day world.

We were put here in bodies to do this work. This is why we are here in a world that is anything other than love. We are love. That is my greatest certainty. If you’re on a path, a  spiritual path, and you haven’t integrated values into your world, you haven’t integrated what you know in the way you walk through the world 24/7, then practical spirituality is the
tool for you.

Come and learn. Come and learn how to develop your awareness. Use your skill of observation. Make choices that represent you working from your natural inheritance of love. Awareness, observation, choice, love, discipline. Putting your focus here is how you walk the path, the path of practical spirituality.

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