In the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to be reminded of the power of love. Many will tell you that love is our natural inheritance. I believe that to be true.

I read an article very recently in the New York Times that was about people who supported those that were transitioning off the planet. Many of them said that they felt so helpless. They felt so hopeless. One man felt particularly felt powerless as his friend was dying of a brain tumor. He was so moved that he ended up doing a major study asking many people who had gone through similar circumstances, “What would be of help to you when you\’re dying? What can people do to be of service to you?” He was totally surprised because across the board all he heard was, “All I want is to be loved. Tell me that I am loved.”

He heard that what we can do for people who are leaving the earth, who are frightened, who are calm who are angry, is we that can let them know that they are loved.

While this is important information for those of us supporting our loved ones who are transitioning, we needn’t wait for a loved one to get sick, to be in pain, or to be at the end of their life to tell them they are loved.

We have opportunities every day to let people know they are treasured.

I live in New York City now. Very often there are people who are on the street who ask for money, who ask for food, who have nowhere to live. I make a point of walking up to each and every one of these people I come in contact with and I look them in their eyes and I let them know, you are loved.

The response is not surprising. I am hugged, I am thanked I am reminded that I too am loved.

The power of love. It’s ours to share. Let’s not be stingy with it. Let’s walk through our life love. Let’s make our life our practice. As we do, let’s share a bit more of our natural inheritance. Let’s go out there and lets share the love.

There are so many people whose lives could be turned around by the simple words, “You are loved.”

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