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I’m sharing this information with you because I want to help us all respond to the recent changes in our government and in our world from the highest frequencies of who we are!

I believe in total equality for all. I believe in freedom of speech, I walk in love, and appreciation for our brothers and sisters no matter the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their heritage and yes even their political party 🙂 I believe we need to take care of mother Earth and that we are responsible for the direction that our lives take.

I am not saddened, but I am on alert and I remain vigilant due to the recent leadership shift in our country.

I love and am heartened by and grateful for the energy of the millions of citizens around the world who are finding their truth and choosing to speak it in many different ways. Their actions of speaking up are creating much needed light. Many cultural and spiritual teachings point to the truth that you cannot create dark, without light being created at the same time and the actions of the last months have shown that to be true.

BUT as we move forward it is critically important that we understand two of the universal laws. The law of frequency and the law of attraction. I work with frequency and attraction every day. So do you, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

Words carry frequency and it is so important in these times that we choose our words well, especially, words that millions of people will be embracing.

When you speak a word, write a word, shout or chant a word, you are shining a light on it and what you are choosing to shine your light on grows stronger in it’s vibration.

The word RESIST carries the wrong frequency.


When you resist, you are acknowledging that there is a power that is greater than you. If it wasn’t greater than you, you wouldn’t have a need to resist it.

When you use the word resist regarding our current president and the forces of the dark that are everywhere, you are acknowledging and shining a light on their power.

Why would you choose to give any more power to the forces that you are seeking to resist?

Ever hear the phrase: “What resist persists?” When you resist anything you are actually creating more of what say you don’t want.

I also know from experience that what we resist not only persists, but grows greater and more powerful as we focus our energy and shine a light on it.

That’s why I can’t get behind the word RESIST.

After weeks of sitting with my discomfort with the phrase RESIST I finally got clarity.

The the word RESIST carries the wrong frequency. Stop resisting now. In your life, online, and in your mind.

When we seek to create a change we have two choices.
We can push against that which we say we do not want (RESIST), or we can affect change by shining a light on the NEW truth we know.

I stand for shining our light and putting our focus on the goodness, not the dark.


Truth resonates far and wide. Creation is an active, open, high-frequency energetic field.

As we all focus our attention and energy on what we want to create, we create more of that.


Keep these phrases in your heart and your mind and in your actions as you move forward in your daily life. Create new ones of your own. Positive phrases that speak your truth and the world you choose to live in.

If you find it hard to make these changes, if you can’t leave blame behind and shift into inclusiveness for all, you might not be living in your integrity. If you find yourself in judgment as you meet others who share different beliefs, you might have work to do on you.

If so, no worries, please reach out to me at Selina@selinamaitreya.com and we will set up a call (no fee) and discuss your path and my teachings and see if we are to work together.

Remember please: Don’t fuel the dark by resisting, rather build the light, the potentiality of what we can do together, by standing for truth, being integral in your actions, and by shining the light on being grateful not hateful.

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